Micro Business

Interest-free micro-business loans are a way of supporting the Church in Cuba without creating dependence on the Canadian Church. Like the old saying goes, "Provide a fish for someone, and you feed them for a day; teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime." The micro business team trains and supports new entrepreneurs, helping them successfully provide for their families, while also funding the local church through their donations.

Your gift to help fund a micro-business project has unlimited potential to fund many more projects. That's because once these interest-free loans are paid back, they are loaned out again to start yet another business and so on. Your gift will continue to impact many lives long after the first business is up and running.

Join this meaningful endeavour by contributing to the overall goal, or by choosing a specific project that interests you from the list.


Disclosure: Our goal is to raise $3.05 million for our projects this year, with less than 5% being used for fundraising. Learn more about our financial accountability principles and practices.