Bibles for Cuba - Centre Street Church - Womens Ministry / WorldServe Summer Outreach

A Fundraiser for Bibles for Cuba

What if you had to tear your Bible apart to share it because there just weren't enough copies to go around?

Did you know… that you could be part of bringing Bibles to Cuba?

Did you know that each of our partner churches in Cuba has only a few copies of the Bible?

Did you know that the Cuban pastors typically tear the Bibles into sections so that church members can take turns studying Scripture?

Did you know that you could buy a Bible for a Cuban Christian for only $5? 

This is your opportunity to make a donation and provide Bibles for our Cuban brothers and sisters in Christ… It is our hope to raise funds by the end of August towards the purchase of 600 Bibles! $5 x 600 = $3,000

Fundraiser Updates

  • Dina Kidd donated 
  • Centre Street Church donated 
  • BJ Campbell donated 
  • Natalie Dawes donated 
  • Donna Wilson donated 
  • Natalie Dawes donated 
  • Winnie Tse donated 
  • Donna Moger donated 
  • Theresa Williamson donated 
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$3,090 raised
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Where does the money go?

Bibles for Cuba

Getting copies of God's Word to believers in Cuba
In 2011 WorldServe took the first steps toward the exciting prospect of distributing a new Spanish translation of the Bible that Tyndale House Publishing has produced, the Nueva Traduccion Viviente (NTV). An initial 5,000 copies were distributed in September... Read more >