Grace and Raie Howlett Champion

We had the privilege to go to Guatamala in February 2016. We fell in love with the people of Guatamala. We saw extreme poverty and sickness which is hard to see but harder to walk away from. We realize that each one of us in some small way can be the love and help that these people need. We were blessed to help in a home build and a baby rescue where there was certainty that these babies could not survive without medical intervention. How amazing it was even after we got home to see these babies thriving and to see this family have a roof over their heads. What rings in our ears is that we need to do more! We realize that there is immense work to be done. We can't do it all but we can try to be the help we can to one person at a time. That is why we are returning to Guatamala to show Gods love in practical ways  and help in these projects that will change people's lives. 


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