WorldServe Ministries began in 1976 with a call to supply copies of God’s Word globally, especially to people in areas where access to Bibles has been limited. A tremendous ministry to national churches has grown out of this calling, as thousands upon thousands of Bibles have been distributed worldwide.

Today, WorldServe provides support to the national Church in restricted access areas, fulfilling our mandate to help strengthen and the Church. Working primarily in China, Cuba, Ethiopia, and Myanmar, we supply needed resources, such as Bibles, training materials, financial assistance, and prayer support. We work directly with local pastors to build leaders, evangelize, and conduct compassion-based ministry.

Come join our community of believers—servants of Christ who are engaged in this worthy work of Advancing the Gospel, Impacting Nations.

Worldserve is a member in good standing with the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC). Learn more about our Financial Accountability.

WorldServe Ministries is a registered Canadian charity federally incorporated in White Rock, BC. Our goal is to raise $1.8 million for our projects this year, with less than 5% being used for fundraising, which is covered from other sources. If funding requirements for a project are fully met, it is WorldServe’s policy to apply those funds to similar projects. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information, please contact our Office Manager at 1-800-414-7788.