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Indigenous church leaders desperately need resources and training. Find a pastor to sponsor.

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Your gift can be an answer to prayer for people who have been waiting their entire lives for a copy of God’s word.

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Browse through our Explore page to find a project that inspires you. You can even subscribe to receive updates if you want to. Our programs and partners directly support and impact hundreds of indigenous churches around the world, helping them reach independence and thrive without ongoing outside assistance.


We rely upon your support to fund projects that provide for churches in need across the globe. Donate now to support pastors, distribute Bibles, and alleviate suffering. Find a project that inspires you, and then partner with us through recurring donations. For more on what we do, visit our About page.

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We rely on volunteers like you to participate in and promote our community. Once you’ve found a project that inspires you, become a champion of that project by creating a Fundraiser. With your Fundraiser page, you can blog, post photos and videos, and share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, raising awareness and generating donations.

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